How to play Borders - Europe

The card game about European connections, countries and flags!

More than just one game... Borders is a game system

What does that mean?

The cards in your Borders set are carefully designed to enable different games. The showpiece is "Make the Map" and there are several other game modes we explain on this page... but don't let us limit you! Use your imagination and develop your own house rules and variants - or entirely new games using the cards.

...but I want to play it right!

If you're having fun and learning about Europe then you are playing right 🙂. Use the instruction videos on this page to get started and then feel free to experiment from there. We spent three years play-testing and refining Make The Map - it's designed to be engaging to play for adults and accessible to kids. I'm sure you'll 💚 it too!

How to play Borders Europe

How to play: Make the Map

How to play: Flagrunner

How to play: LatLong

How to play: Lineup

How to play: Trumps

More info

We plan to post more instruction videos, including FAQs, on our YouTube channel. Keep an eye on the Borders Europe Instructions playlist for more details - and feel free to check out our other content!

If you haven't got your copy of Borders yet, it is now available on Amazon UK.

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