Games - fun for all

Fun comes first, and they're designed to help your child's development too

Do you believe in our design philosophy?

Encourage exploration

Our games are designed to encourage engagement and exploration, to build curiosity and a sense of wonder.

Development - through play

All of our games are designed to help kids develop one or more of the APICES that we talk about on our blog.

Encourage Creative Play

Our games can be played in multiple ways, this encourages creativity and lets you play in the way that's most fun for you.

For one or more players

Most of our games can be played solitaire or with larger groups, whatever suits your family and the situation the best.

For a variety of ages

If your kids' ages are close together or far apart our games encourage them to play together.

Positive play time

Whilst most time spent in play is beneficial to kids, it's even better when that time helps them learn something tangible too.

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